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dimanche 2 septembre 2018

Running Jumping Rabbit | infinite adventures game

Running Jumping Rabbit | infinite adventures game

funny game , addictive , Children teenagers and Adults any one can play with it☺

❀Relaxing game and suitable for all people of all ages .
It's an endless game with unlimited fun when playing .

❁Let's join in the running away from the bad Wolf in order to rescue the Rabbit.

❁Mission of player in this game is helping the pretty weak Rabbit to escape from his enemy and overcome all obstacles on the way he runs .

❁Running across the river, Rabbit has only one choice that is moving forwards. However, it is not easy for him. There are a lot of obstacles such as: dangerous crocodiles, Turtles and rotten woods big hippopotamus , Snakes ....

☝ How to play?

It's very simple to play. Just Tap the screen to make the Rabbit jump.
☞Tap on the left to jump one step. 
☜ Tap on the right to jump two steps.

Require Patience and quick response ability


✔ Beautiful Design and 2D Graphics , 
✔ Fantastic and eye-catching Environment, 
✔ Cute Characters ,
✔ Funny Sound track ♪ ♫ ,
✔ Endless game play

❤Have fun❤ 

get it on PlayStore :
click on the icon bellow :

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